DIALOGOS-a new concert series for Berlin at Gallerie Terzo-Terzo Mondo

Renowned Greek actor, poet and humanitarian Kostas Papanastasiou, founder of the legendary Terzo Mondo and Gallerie Terzo Berlin celebrated together with David Yonan their 30-year friendship and their birthdays by creating a new, dynamic and  cross-cultural concert series at Gallerie Terzo Berlin, named DIALOGOS.
The opening concert took place on January 20, 2017 with Kostas Papanastasiou, David Yonan, internationally acclaimed Pianist Ulugbek Pavanov and renowned German actor Torsten Münchow as Moderator.
DIALOGOS aims to give a platform for deserving, acclaimed musicians, artists, actors and poets in an intimate, diverse, and cross-cultural environment.
All DIALOGOS concerts and events will be held at Gallerie Terzo-Terzo Mondo Berlin, which was founded by Kostas and Monika Papanastasiou in 1972.
You can watch the trailer of the inaugural DIALOGOS concert here:

Upcoming DIALOGOS  concerts-starting time: 19:30 Uhr-7:30 pm
20.1. 2017, David Yonan, violin, Ulugbek Palvanov,piano, Kostas Papanastasiou, Recitation, Torsten Münchow, Moderation
24.3.2017,  David Yonan, violin, Kostas Papnastasiou Recitation-works by Bach, Ysaye, Hindemith, Paganini
31.3. 2017 Trio Laccasax-Andrej Lakisov, Sax, Timofey Satarov, Akkordeon, Bernd Gesell, bass
28.4. 2017
26.5. 2017

Admission: 20 EUR
Students/Seniors: 15 EUR 

to make a reservation:
Tel: 4930-881-5261

Gallerie Terzo-Terzo Mondo
Grolmanstr. 28
10623 Berlin


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